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Terms and Conditions

- Is there a minimal service charge?

Yes. We have a minimum service charge of R250. We suggest that if you have a small print job (A4 or smaller) to consider doing an edition of 3 or 5 prints.

- How does the price structure work?

Our prices are based on 'sheet size', not 'image size', for more info go to this link -

- How long does it take to print an artwork?

Our standard turnaround time is 3 - 5 working days.

- I have a large body of work that I'd like printed, how would this process work?

Each client is dealt with on a case to case basis. Print Art is a collaborative space where the artist can talk directly to the person executing the prints and ask for advice and opinion. Mail us to enquire more.

- What if I require an artwork to be printed urgently?

Our business model is not based on speed and volume, but rather quality and care. However depending on our schedule we are able to fit in 'Rush Jobs'. Rush jobs will attract an extra charge

- Does the printing price include packaging?

No. Print prices do not include packaging. We offer a range of packaging options from Core tubes, archival sleeves to Eco Dimple Paper wrap. Please note that packaging is charged separately to printing price. 

- Does Print Art store files that have been printed through the workshop?

We are not a digital library, and we cannot guarantee we will keep your file long-term. If you would like to become part of the portfolio of artists that continuously prints through the workshop then reach out to us: 

- How do I get a copy of my 'print ready' file during the consultation?

If you want a copy of your ‘print ready’ file, please bring a portable drive with you

- What happens after the 15 mins is up, yet there is still some file management required?

Time spent on file management, including emailing or transferring files, is billable.

- I have an image on my phone and would like it to be printed? Can I just email it through?

Not all media is always available in all sizes. Especially if it has been shot on an iPhone or Android. Attaching files to email also reduces the quality. We prefer you bring the artwork on an external drive/usb or we use WeTransfer to send and receive files. 

- Is Print Art Vat registered?

We are not currently Vat registered and no Vat is due.

Please note:

The online cost calculator is intended to be a helpful resource and a general indicator of print cost only. A number of factors, including the way the prints layout on the roll, and the overall scope of your job, can affect the final invoice

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