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Online Cost Calculator

Please note:

  • Our prices are based on 'sheet size', not 'image size'. LEARN MORE HERE

  • We have a minimum service charge of R250.

  • Our standard turnaround time is 3 - 5 working days.

  • Rush jobs will attract an extra fee (dependent on size and delivery date)  

  • Not all media is available at all times in all sizes.

  • We are not currently Vat registered.

  • The online cost calculator is intended to be a helpful resource and a general indicator of print cost only. A number of factors, including the way the prints layout on the roll, and the overall scope of your job, can affect the final invoice.

Online Cost Calculator

To use the Cost Calculator, select the option you want, on each page, to move to the next section.

Price Lists - PDFs

Price Lists - PDFs 

Scanning Prices

Scanning Prices 


Flatbed scanning prices only include the raw scanned file and the file transfer via WeTransfer/External.

Deeper image cleaning, colour-balancing, editing and file management is charged at R450/hour.

A4                         R 60


A3                         R120


A2                         R 220

A1                         R 375
R 700

Test Strips

We understand the importance of achieving the perfect print.

That's why we offer Test Prints as part of our commitment to delivering exceptional quality. Our Test Prints are designed to provide you with a comprehensive preview of your final print.


Each test print includes a strip through the image at the required size, as well as an A6 version of the image. Please note that we do not test images smaller than A3.


To ensure your complete satisfaction, we offer the first test print free of charge. This allows you to assess the color accuracy, sharpness, and overall appearance of your image. After the initial test print, subsequent test prints are available at a cost of R100-00 each.


We believe in providing you with the best possible result, and our Test Prints are an invaluable tool in achieving this. Take advantage of this service to fine-tune your prints and achieve the desired outcome. Trust Print Art to deliver outstanding quality and attention to detail with our Test Prints. Contact us today to get started on your printing journey.

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