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Fine Art

We offer 3 types of printing:

Fine Art Ink Print

Over the last 20 years, archival pigment ink prints have become the medium of choice for professional fine art and photographic reproduction. A 'pigment ink print' (also sometimes called a 'giclée' print) is a fine art digital print made on a professional inkjet printer.
We use the latest generation Epson Ultrachrome archival pigment inks. This is the ink-set that started the pigment print revolution and 20 years on continues to be the leader in terms of lightfastness, colour gamut and D-max. We use the worlds finest papers and we make all our own paper profiles. And we are constantly pushing ourselves to not settle for what is straightforward but rather to aim for excellence.

An example of a Fine Art print
Piezography Print

Piezography Ink Prints

Piezography print of a landscape by Carlo Soffietti

Piezography is a dedicated B&W print system that uses carbon-based monochrome inks to produce stunning archival B&W prints. We use a large format Epson printer which has been fitted with the 'Piezography Pro' ink-set. These black inks, with cool, neutral and warm characteristics, can be blended together very precisely to produce a vast range of neutral or toned monochrome prints with stunning range and depth. This is the next step in the evolution of black-and-white printing.

Premium Prints

Premium Ink Prints

Not all prints need to be museum quality. Our Premium Ink Print option offers professional quality pigment ink prints at a more affordable price. We import our compatible pigment ink directly from the manufacturer in Germany. These compatible inks are manufactured to match the colour gamut, durability and quality of the original Epson inks. We then carefully calibrate each individual paper/ink combination. This set up allows us to offer high-quality long-lasting prints at an affordable price, without compromising on quality. This is a great option for students, emerging photographers and budget-conscious artists.

Example of premium ink prints


A flatbed scanner

We offer a standard scan rate which includes basic file prep. This is often all that is required. Some artworks require further attention. Our hourly retouching fee then applies ( see 'Pricing' for more details).

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