To us there are few things in the world as beautiful as a really gorgeous black-and-white print.

We are excited to present to Cape Town the Piezography® system as developed by pioneering print-maker Jon Cone.

Piezography® is a dedicated monochrome print system which uses carbon-based inks and some very sophisticated software to produce stunning black-and-white or split-toned prints on either cotton or photographic paper. We use a large format Epson® printer which has been fitted with the Piezography Pro® ink-set. This is a set of black inks with cool, neutral and warm characteristics which can be blended together very precisely to produce a vast range of neutral or toned monochrome prints with extraordinary tonal range and depth. This is the next step in the evolution of black-and-white printing.

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In addition, we offer a range of other black-and-white print options, using pigment inks and dedicated software, to produce fantastic prints at affordable prices.

We love black-and-white!